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    October 28, 2013
    4:25 - 4:59am EDT  

mr. bernstein, how you doing? >> i'm okay. didhad a great time at maryland despite -- had a great time at maryland. it was a wonderful game. a nice start to the week. does look like we'll see a little bit of rain. best chance will be friday. today looks good. 30s and 40s -- it's monday morning. a high of 65. that's right where we should be for this time of year. winds will be variable at about 5 miles an hour. clear skies now. so some of you will be scraping some frost. if you have a car outside, a lot of temperatures across the region into the 30s. still 45 at national. 42 richmond. locally we're down to freezing in germantown. 30 in lovettsville. freezing in western loudoun county. springfield and alexandria and upper marlboro at 38 and bowie
36. going to the mid-60s. let's turn it over to monika samtani with your first look at timesaver traffic. thank you so much, howard. i spoke to my traffic peeps from overnight and they told me it was very, very quiet. we're starting this morning with a clean slate. that sounds good. northbound i-95 dale city to woodbridge no issues. lorton, newington, springfield same story. we'll go live on the northbound side of i-95. look how quiet it is behind me. kind of a distant shot. no problems in the main and hov lanes. let's go back over to the maps on the north side of town coming in from 270, frederick down to germantown and the point where the lanes divide. lanes are open right now. same story on route 355 and river road in bethesda. here's what it looks like at middle brook road in germantown. lanes are open. no problems as you head for the beltway. back to you. >> thank you, monika. what was supposed to be a normal nightclub appearance for one troubled celebrity wasn't that way. it ended with punches and a
felony charge. singer chris brown is due in court after allegedly punching a man in the face. the fight took place right outside the w hotel in northwest. >> police say this happened after brown left the nightclub, the park on 14th after performing. the victim saw him taking pictures with some fans and decided for jump in, the photo bomb so to speak. that's when the singer got upset and attacked the victim with the help of a bodyguard. brown used a gay slur. they are in justdy and will still there before they go before a judge. he remains on probation for the beating of his former girlfriend rihanna. they had another agenda but that's all they want to talk about. yesterday a german newspaper reported that president obama knew of and approved a plan to allow the nsa to listen in on
german chancellor angela merkel's phone calls. they deny the report and susan mcginnis has the latest. >> reporter: a european delegation is in d.c. this morning to meet with white house aides and members of congress. they're expressing outrages at reports the nsa has been eavesdropping on as many as 35 lead glers i think we have repair work to do and hard questions to ask of the nsa about what's really happening in this program. >> reporter: the very sit comes on the heels after new revelation from a german newspaper which says the nsa listened in on german chancellor merkel's phone calls since 2002 and chief alexander briefed the president on the spying in 2010. the obama administration denies it saying news reports claiming otherwise are not true. but some members of congress are skeptical. >> remember, the nsa works for the president so it's a question did the president want to hear what chancellor merkel
was saying because through his national security advisor he knew or should have known. >> reporter: others say the white house has to answer to no one. >> i think the president should stop apologizing. nsa has saved thousands of lives, not just the united states but also france and germany and throughout europe. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" reports that the nsa ended the eavesdropping after a white house review uncovered the operations this summer. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> glen green wald, the american journalist who first reported secret documents given to him by edward snowden tweeted that the newspaper will publish a revelation today. the howard county police officer shot during a confrontation with a suspect is now recovering at home. he was discharged sunday from the hospital. officer steven houk was injured last wednesday when he and other officers confronted a man wandering in front of a car
carership on route 1 in lawferl. that -- in laurel. that man stephon prather is being held without bond. a love triangle leaves three dead -- excuse me -- in an apparent murder-suicide in glen bernie. officers found the body of 27- year-old firefighter andrew hoffman and his girlfriend marie hartman inside hoffman's home early sunday morning. investigators say both were shot to death by a baltimore city police officer christopher robinson before robinson then turned the gun on himself. hoffman was a third generation firefighter who just last july was honored for safely returning a wandering toddler home. >> it just shows you a lot of character on this young man who was tragically gunned down in this murder-suicide. >> we were quickly able to determine through our evidence and investigation that this was a murder-suicide.
it was a domestic type relationship that was going on. >> hoffman had been with the fire department since 2006. new this morning, the doctor convicted of causing michael jackson's death is released from jail. conrad murray walked out of a los angeles county jail just after midnight pacific time. he was freed after serving two years after four-year sentence. california prison rules allow for the early release by giving additional credit for time served. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 after a jury found him guilty of administering a lethal dose of the painkiller propofol to jackson. it's a final stretch for virginia's gubernatorial candidate. with just eight days till voters go to the the polls. yesterday democrat terry mcauliffe received a major endorsement pulling out the big guns former president clinton. >> he joined him on the campaign trail a week after hillary clinton also gave him a recommendation. we look at how mr. clinton
could help mcauliffe when it comes to election day. > reporter: when it comes to political star power, it doesn't get much bigger than former president bill clinton. >> he's so good on the stump i don't think he needs me anymore. >> reporter: terry mcauliffe stood side by side with clinton. >> ken cuccinelli says this election is showing that conservatism isn't dead. well, i say this election is about creating jobs. >> he is a very, very good man, and he will be a wildly popular governor. >> reporter: clinton was selling the crowd on why mcauliffe should be virginia's next governor. the two are old friends so the endorsement is not a surprise but an important one to supporters here. >> i think he's going to play a very vital role in terry's election. >> reporter: while clinton made it clear he feels mcauliffe has the qualifications to be a
great governor, he told the crowd getting to the governor's mansion means getting out the vote. >> those who love virginia and want it to come together and move forward has got to care as much about this election as you did the election in 2012. that is what is at issue here. >> reporter: tony michele travis, an associate professor at george mason university said voters feel lukewarm about both candidates, a sentiment that could lead people to sit out this election. >> he's trying to shore up that base and make sure that all of the core democrats are going to come out on election day. >> reporter: a theme throughout today's event, getting people to sign up for shifts to go out and spread mcauliffe's message, a message that appears to have resonated with those here today. >> it was also right -- [indiscernible] we've got to change that. >> it's very important that we need to vote in this election. we need terry mcauliffe to win
virginia. >> reporter: wusa9. >> republican candidate ken cuccinelli released a statement yesterday dismissing the clinton endorse machines. -- endorsement. he's expected to be on the campaign trail with rand paul in fairfax later today. well, the calls are indeed mounting from senators around the country to delay parts of obamacare. new hampshire democrat jeanne shaheen says the website issues exist. she wants to extend the march 31 deadline for open
enrollment. senator rubio is expected to introduce a bill that suggests a similar deal. he says it's not fair to penalize people for something that's really not available yet. that is, if you don't have insurance and don't sign up for the program, you'll have to pay a fine. part of britain are being hit with the worst storm they've faced in five years. heavy rain and winds with gusts up to 80 miles an hour are lashing the coast. officials say a 14-year-old boy died after being swept out to sea. the storm dubbed as st. jude is compared to a 1987 storm that killed 18 people and knocked down 15 million trees. travel delays are expected throughout the country as the storm moves across the island. they may have had a small trib bit performed before the game yesterday -- tribute performed before the game yesterday but it wasn't a homecoming for mike shanahan. washington actually led the game 21-7 in the beginning ever the third quarter and peyton manning figured something out.
broncos put up 38 unanswered points. rg3 injured his other knee. >> it was a mess. remember, at one point it was just back and forth, turnover, turnover, turnover. changes are coming at mcdonald's restaurants around the nation. that's coming up in your today's your money report. >> southern storms, will they affect your commute? first alert forecast
and i sponsored this ad. candidate for attorney general, if you think ken cuccinelli would take virginia
in the wrong direction, wait til you meet his attorney general candidate senator obenshain. like cuccinelli, obenshain believes politicians should dictate our most personal decisions they cosponsored a bill together to ban the birth control pill; and outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain: together - a dangerously wrong turn for virginia 4:40 on this monday morning. grab a jacket and you may need an extra minute or two to scrape the windshield if your car is parked out.
after the chilly start, looks like a fairly nice start to the week. a good deal of sunshine. highs today in the mid-60s. however, we do have some rain in that forecast. we'll let you know fit' going to be here for halloween -- if it's going to be here for halloween or not. trick or treat or not. happy monday. happy monday. it is for commuter early this morning. there were no issues overnight. most of the construction has been cleared up and here on the northbound side of 95, we're in good shape through springfield on to 395 and the 14th street bridge you will find the lanes open. >> thanks, monika. it is 4:40 and time for the first your money segment of this monday morning. >> dozens of major corporations are set to reveal earnings reports in the coming days. apple's profit report is expected to be one of the highlights of the week. apple is being pressured to use some of the mountains of cash to buy back a huge chunk of its own stock. they may announce another buyback soon to increase its dividend and payout when it reports the earnings.
let's check the numbers from friday. the dow picked up 61 points. the s&p 500 had a modest gain of 7 and the nasdaq picked up 14 and change as well. the new york stock exchange wants to make sure twitter's initial public offering goes off without a hitch. the sorry media joint -- the social media joint is going to go public november 7 so it tested its systems on saturday a small number of people conducted a mock initial public offering where traders simulated buying and selling orders. they also tests connectivity and running data. the exchange is trying to avoid the same kind of technical problems that plagued the nasdaq when facebook went public last year. after four decades of serving its ketchup, mcdonald's is cutting ties with heinz. the fast food joint cites recent management changes is the reason for the switch. heinz recently hired the former c.e.o. of rival burger king. in a statement mcdonald's global media relations says
heinz represents only a small percentage of the company's condiment and sauce business. mcdonald's says it will transition to other suppliers. >> that is going to sting heinz big time. mcdonald's is huge. beer me. that's what beer companies are saying. they're targeting women in hopes of brewing up new business. the world's second largest brewer, miller, is testing a line of lighter and tweeter beers. ad campaigns are geared towards women as well which i bet will be fun. women make up just a fifth of all beer shelves. >> the man cave needs a secretary on the wall for great looking glasses for beers and cocktails for the women who love sports. it's 4:42. the marines corps marathon was yesterday but the people around them were part of
gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinelli opposed closing the gun show loophole - against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad.
only an isolated shower on thursday with the better chance on friday. >> and warmer. >> oh, yeah, temperatures i think will top 70 on thursday. that's all right. >> that makes it easy. >> it was 39 when i got into the car this morning. >> it's that time of year where you can be anywhere from the 30s, 70s. weather wise we'll show you what's happening on this monday because it's going to be a good day. certainly you'll need the jackets, a hat or gloves early. temperatures in the 30s and 40s but look by lunch time, we'll be pushing 60 degrees on our way to 65, maybe 66. so pretty comfortable start to the week. a weak front is going to come through tonight. won't do much except drop our temps a couple of degrees and give us more of a northeast wind on tuesday. by 8:00 p.m. down to 57. this morning's temperatures in the low 30s in many areas.
we've got subfreezing readings. winchester and frederick. these areas, even where it's 34 in manassas and leesburg and gaithersburg, cold enough for frost to form. we've got 41 from ej in prince frederick. 35 from john up in hagerstown where the airport is reporting 38 along with fredericksburg. outside on our weather camera, good visibility. all is quiet on this monday morning. 45 degrees officially at reagan national with a light wind off the waters. there northeast at 3 and the humidity at 76%. as far as our week is concerned, weather headlines, a nice start to the week. sunshine today. tomorrow i think partly to mostly sunny day. by mid week, though, we'll have more clouds and i just think isolated showers wednesday and thursday. perhaps a better chance up in the mountains near the mason- dixon line. as we head toward friday, that looks to be the wettest day. a pretty strong cold front comes. could have showers and some thunderstorms even with some gusty winds on friday. right now i think we'll be just
friday for the most part. slight chance it lingers into saturday of the clocks fall back this sunday as we go back to standard time and say goodbye to daylight saving time. cold air in the northern rockies. look at the 20s and 30s spreading to the northern plains. we have 60s and 70s in the south and 81 in new orleans. that cold, at least a little bit of it won't have a chance to get here until we get until maybe sunday at this point. got winds out of the southwest in the upper levels. talking about a southern storm. here it is with the showers in the deep south n. will throw a few clouds our way. a weak front is going to slip by here tonight and slightly cooler weather. the futurecast nice and quiet across the region. we'll see clouds especially in southern virginia over toward areas in southern west virginia here by lunch time. then as we go through the afternoon again partly to mostly sunny here, pretty nice. that weak front comes through. tomorrow morning all is quiet again. i think a good deal of sunshine on tuesday.
more of a northeasterly wind tomorrow so we may pick up a couple of clouds, low level ones in the afternoon but by tuesday night and wednesday, notice how the clouds start to move in. there's the rain out west but i think it's going to have a tough time getting here and any real way until friday. still isolated showers wednesday and thursday. today 65 degrees. i'm calling it a pleasant afternoon after the chilly start. mid-40s tonight in town with 30s in the suburbs. tomorrow just a hair cooler, 63. it will be another nice day but cool. mild on wednesday, isolated showers. we shoot toward the upper 60s. thursday and friday on the warm side. isolated shower on halloween, 72. by friday showers and storms possible, 70. back in the 50s by sunday when the redskins hopefully will be victorious. monika? >> good morning, howard. good morning, everybody. i'm happy to start this monday morning off with good news. no problems to report all around the beltway. around me you can see that and no issues on the beltway on the south side of town coming in from southern maryland.
you're in good shape on route 210 out of accokeek. route 5 out of brandywine, route 4 heading for andrews air force base and down toward oxon hill and the wilson bridge. there are no issues right now. we'll take a live look on our trafficland camera. as you can see everyone doing well early in the morning heading northbound heading for the beltway this morning. let's go back to the maps. this time to the north side 270 is in good shape out of germantown. 95 in from baltimore. once you're on the beltway no issues. the lanes are open college park into silver spring. same story out of aspen hill, wheaton, burtonsville on route 29 as well. we'll end with a live look at the beltway at georgia avenue. if you're leaving georgia avenue into silver spring and beyond, you'll be just fine. the weather was nearly perfect for the nearly 30,000 runners who took to the streets for the marine corps marathon. >> with the boston marathon bombing still on mind,
organizers spent more than a million dollars on security. >> reporter: the world's largest star spangled banner waved and the heads of 30,000 brave runners at least four times as many spectators all waiting with baited breath for the start. the 2013 par even corps marathon known as the people's marathon is the first major race since the terrible event in boston, but for the thousands of people running here, that was not going to let them be stopped on their very personal quest. what are you here with? >> with my son jeffrey porter. >> reporter: what brings you here? >> well, we've been running now for about three years. we were inspired a long time ago and we're just out here to join the fun. >> reporter: organizers spent a million dollars on security this year. a show of force everywhere. beginning on the metro and then in the sky. and on rooftops overlooking the finish line and especially
along the course. the marathon winner speaking through an interpreter said he put the specter of boston aside and focused on running. >> you can't focus on what's going to happen as far as security because we put the security in your hands or the marines' hands. we know they're safe. >> reporter: most of the runners and those who came to cheer them on shared the same philosophy. >> bravery and we just don't stand down. we just don't let it get to us. we continue on. that's what life is all about. >> reporter: the strength of character allowed runners to press on. >> good luck. >> reporter: confident that after 26 miles along with the the pain and exhaustion, the satisfaction of a job well done. the 38th marine corps marathon, industrial, wusa9. concussions can affect
children on and off the field. a new study finds students who suffer conkungs may need time off from the playing field and the classroom. doctors at washington university say kids with severe symptoms which can include headaches and memories will should be cep at home till they improved. youngsters usually recover from a concussion within three weeks. a study in the journal pediatrics finds mothers are more likely to breast feed if they have skin to skin contact with their baby immediately after delivery. researchers reviewed 150 births and found only about half of the moms and infants had that initial contact. doctors say an effort should be made to make sure that happens more often. pediatricians say parents really need a plan to limit their child's media exposure from tvs to smartphones to computers. doctors say kids should only spend two hours a day or less in front of a screen. they also suggest curfews need to be in place for mealtime and bedtime and no screens in the
bedroom. they recommend parents also take a very active role in what their children see. 4:53. time for a look at the question of the monk on our face -- morning on our facebook page. which one of these fictional characters do 40% of men think would make the best present. >> a, tyrion lannister, b, captain kirk and c, roger sterling. give us your response. we'll share some of your answers in
4:56. sunshine today, 9:00 still in the 40s for most of you. certainly jacket weather early. a couple of clouds mixing in this afternoon. we'll call it partly sunny. still fairly nice day. highs getting up to the mid- 60s. good way to start the week. monika? it's a good way to start the week here in southern maryland at national harbor. if you're planning to head on the beltway between the wilson bridge here and up toward route 50 and the bw parkway, you're going to be fine on the east side of town as well in prince george's county. andrea, mike? >> thank you, monika. 4:56. no, that is not the set of walking dead you're looking at right there. this is the third annual bankers zombie walk that took place in bangor, maine. they strolled downtown. they had a flash mob.
they also took part. it raised money for two charities. the sarcoma alliance and nf northeast. >> you're impressed. >> well, the cause i'm impressed with, yes. one canova, west virginia neighborhood is glowing with excitement. >> one home is amping up the spooky season by carving 3 thousand pumpkins. we have more from wayne county, west virginia. >> the experience is the uniqueness of the color, the sound, the art. , all of the various participants like the children and the adults that come and get engaged. >> reporter: that engagement is what's capturing the hearts of
thousands this halloween season in wayne county. >> i like it. >> reporter: the annual pumpkin house is open for guests and the mayor who also owns the home has run the display since 1992. he says the 21-year-old tradition drives he and his team year after year. >> i don't know how we would stop. we don't want to stop. we keep doing it because the response we get from the children and from the adults is phenomenal each year. >> while the tradition is long living for griffith, this year the tradition is just beginning for 10-year-old elena mcroberts of ohio. she says this won't be her only trip to the tristate treasure. >> i think it's pretty cool. i think i would definitely come again. >> reporter: why? >> i just like looking at all the pumpkins and the next time i come, i would see if they have new ones. >> reporter: those new pumpkins will continue to roll out over the next few days by the help of dozens of volunteers. griffith says none of this could be done without the help of the community. >> the work involves many of
the volunteers that include children. they scoop the kins. they hp set them out. sometimes they'll rinse them but it's really fun to get them engaged and understand how much work this is. >> wow. did you do anything like that carve those des? >> we have great designs but 3,000? >> that's amazing. >> they look like christmas lights. >> what he going to do for christmas? >> that was really sharp. good morning and thank you for waking up with us at wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. sorry, skins fans, that was a rough second half last night. we'll have more on the highlights or low lights coming up in a little while. the world series, we'll talk about that too. >> we couldn't sit down the first half. >> i told my mother they're winning and she goes really? >> you listen to the pre-game stuff during the week. we feel we can beat them and i'm thinking yeah, right. then all of a sudden they looked like they were going to do it and then the second half
happens. >> weather wise i know -- weather wise we've got a nice start to the day. stop it over there. we've got sunshine expected. we're going to have a nice start to the week. i know we have some frost in areas this morning and windows scraping for those of you who parked your car outside but by lunch time we'll be near 60 degrees. partly sunny thank. look at the winds turning northwest at about 4, 5 miles an hour. the high today in the mid-60s. and that is right where we should be for the 28th of october. clear skies this morning, light winds. that allows the temperatures just to radiate away and that's why we have many areas now 30 degrees in williamsport. 32 in cumberland. milder in new york but 34 at the airport in atlantic city. subfreezing in germantown. mid-30s in bowie and baden. 50 in north beach on the bay. springfield 38. manassas is freezing this morning and a frosty 34 at